Preventive Care

preventive care

At Mt. Rainier Equine we strongly believe that preventive care is important for our equine patients of all ages. 

  • Wellness Exams- Annual wellness exams are a great way to be proactive about your horse's health, as minor issues can often go unnoticed during daily care. Minor health issues can be caught early for better outcomes! Our comprehensive annual wellness exam includes checking vitals, eye exam, skin and coat, evaluation of the heart/lungs, upper respiratory, palpation of limbs, brief oral exam, discussion of findings in the exam and any concerns you have about your horse's condition or well-being.
  • Vaccinations- We offer an assortment of vaccinations for our equine patients, please consult with one of our veterinarians to create a vaccination protocol that fits the needs of your horse.  
  • Fecal Egg counts- Fecal egg counts are a great way to be proactive the in the deworming of your equine, at Mt. Rainier Equine we believe in evidence-based deworming. By performing a fecal egg count we can tell what parasites your horse has and how many. This guides us in creating the best deworming program personalized for your horse and helps aid in preventing resistance to de-wormer due to non-rotation and overuse. Mt. Rainier Equine performs fecal egg counts in house and we also float the fecal sample to check the sand content. 
  • Nutrition Consults- Good nutrition is good health! Our veterinarians can help create a tailored diet that is ideal for your horse's nutrition needs. We also offer vitamin/ mineral panel blood testing, to help determine what nutrients your horse may be getting in excess or deficient.

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