Oral Health

oral health

  •  Importance of routine oral care. improving dental health and correcting dental imbalances can often relieve discomfort in the mouth and jaw and improve performance.
  • Dental floats w/ corrections if needed. - Mt. Rainier equine is equipped with power floats on each truck to perform dental floats on patients.  The patient is placed under standing sedation for the procedure and an oral speculum is placed. The veterinarian then is able to access the condition of your horse's mouth and what corrections should be made (reducing points, correcting waves, steps or hooks). Dental chart is provided to owner after the visit for their records.  
  • Dental Extractions- a limited number of dental extractions can be performed under standing sedation on the farm on a case by case basis, extractions may require referral to hospital setting.  
  • Dental Radiographs- digital radiographs can be performed on the farm to determine vitality of teeth in question, or aid in diagnosis of dental conditions such as EORTH.  
  • Periodontal Equipment- This delivers high power irrigation particularly helpful in the treatment of periodontal disease, clearing decaying material from dental pockets or sites of dental fractures.   

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