Laboratory Services

lab services

Mt. Rainier Equine believes knowledge is key and can promote positive outcomes. We have multiple lab diagnostics at our disposal even after hours and on the farm! We work with local laboratories for quick results of routine lab work and common diagnostic tests.

  • EPOC blood analysis- The EPOC is a handheld wireless blood analyzer that can be used at emergencies/ farm calls and provides bloodwork results in minutes.  
  • StableLab SAA- The Stablelab reader is a mobile/ wireless blood test that tests for SAA, SAA is produced in response to infection and can indicate presence and severity of infection.  This is a useful tool in diagnosing and determining treatment for infection.  
  • Send out lab services- send out lab services are crucial in diagnosing conditions, we are able to send out samples to test for a number of illnesses, conditions or diseases. When needed, specialized testing can be sent out directly to top university laboratories, UC Davis, Cornell, etc. for the most advanced testing methods available.

    lab services

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